Planning & Pricing

The most frequently asked questions…  How does it all work and how much does it cost?

The Process

First things first, you get in touch and we can tee up a time for us to meet.  There is no obligation or pressure at all, it’s simply so you can get a feel for how things work and if you’d like me as your celebrant.

From there, if you decide to book me I’ll ask you to fill out a booking form and pay your deposit to secure your date.  That’s is, you’re locked and loaded!

When we’re closer to your wedding date, I’ll be in touch to get a bit more information from you about your plans for your ceremony, and we can catch up again to go through how you want the day to run.  Don’t worry, you may not have done this before but I have, so I can easily guide you through this to make sure your ceremony is everything you want, and nothing you don’t.

From here, I go away and work up a ceremony specifically for you both.  We can catch up again to go through it if we need to, and cover off any other questions you might have about your day (ceremony related or not), but generally I will email you through the complete ceremony for you to read through to make sure you’re totally comfortable with it.


The purpose of a rehearsal is to go through the logistics of your ceremony and I usually recommend you have one.  We usually go over the following:

  • Where to stand
  • How to move in and out the ceremony area
  • Where your guests will be
  • Who will give the signal that the bride is ready to walk and/or play the music
  • Who will have the rings and how will they be handed over

Half an hour is time well spent in the peace of mind it will give you on your wedding day. Knowing what to expect will reduce nerves and contribute to a relaxed, seamless and enjoyable ceremony.

Marriage Licence

You need to apply for your licence before your wedding, this will start the ball rolling with the legal documents we’ll need to sign on the day.

To apply for your licence you’ll need to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form.  This can be completed online (if you normally live in NZ or will arrive here more than 3 working days before your wedding).  It’s valid for three months and will cost you $150.  Once it’s ready it will be emailed through to you.  Once you’ve checked it’s all correct you can just send it on to me to print and bring with me on the day.

All the information you need can be found here, including information about how to apply if you live overseas.  

The Cost

I charge $600 for a ceremony written especially for you, as many meetings as you both need to feel comfortable and a rehearsal on site.

NB: This is for the 2021 season.  Please contact me if you’d like pricing for a date further out.

PA System

If you’d like to make sure your guests can hear your awesome ceremony (and why wouldn’t you?!) you can hire my portable PA system and wireless microphone, which I will bring, set up and pack down for an additional $50.  Also great for those remote/outdoor ceremonies (weather permitting) where power isn’t always available but you still want music.

Other bits

Pricing is for ceremonies within a 20km radius of Wellington City.  There are additional travel costs for weddings outside of this, so please just get in touch to see if this applies to you and what the costs might be.

Meetings can be in person, phone or Skype etc.  I find that after our initial meet up, usually another 1 or 2 meetings is enough for most couples to feel like they know which way is up.

The rehearsal is generally held sometime in the week leading up to the wedding depending on when everyone is available.

Photo Credit: Patina / Location: {Suite} Gallery